AC Signal Amplifier with single Transistor | Simple Radio AM/FM Amplification | Faithful and Unfaithful Amplification

   Apr 1, 2019     0 min read

FAITHFUL AMPLIFICATION: The process of raising the strength of a weak signal without any change in its general shape i.e amplifying both the half cycles of a signal is called Faithful amplification.

UNFAITHFUL AMPLIFICATION: The process in which we get an amplified output of the signal with its negative half cycles completely cut off is called unfaithful amplification.

This principle of Amplification can be used to develop Radio signal power boosters, e.g. FM signal (88 – 108 Mhz) with low transmitting power is boosted to high power signal to radiate in long range radio application.

Note: Playing with Long range Radio Signals without license is Illegal across many countries.