What is Robot Safety Standard?

Industrial Robots are Installed on Shop floor for performing Manufacturing/ any other applications.

Same shop floor also consist of human work force for other tasks nearby to these robots.

Industrial Robot is Powerful and Speedy – Strong as Super MAN

Industrial Robot wont have eyes to see who is nearby to them..

So, to keep humans separated from robots during operation, Safety fence are installed.

FENCE ensures that no one enters Robot work area

But during Maintenace/Process change/Troubleshooting purpose Technician/Engineer/Supervisor /Operator has to enter inside these fence — Where Super MAN is there…

Now, How will Robot know that someone is inside fence and in his work area —– For this every robot manufacturer standardised safety standards

These standards specify how to integrate robot with fence, its door, auxiliary machines, safety scanners so as to stop robot and put it to hold whenever someone is inside its DANGER ZONE.

In our Country there are many small scale industries who fail to maintain these standards by bypassing/ignoring them.

THIS LEAD TO LIFE LOSS, Obviously as SUPER MAN IS VERY POWERFUL and to Control him Safety implementation is the way.


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